Tutti i robot del mondo del cinema nel video clip de ‘The Robots Don’t Love You’

Tutti i robot del cinema in un solo grande video clip

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“The Robots Don’t Love You” ("i robot non ti amano") è la nuova canzone di Jonathan Man e il videoclip è un supercut di tutti i film in cui appaiono robot di ogni sorta. Dal Golem del 1920 fino al più recente Elysium (2013).

Il testo de "The Robots Don’t Love You" dal nuovo EP di Jonathan Mann Everyday

When we lift the veil
And reveal our true selves
It’s a moment that you’ll want to savor
A story that you’ll tell

It’s overkill to call us all
The collective will of God
The end of everything you built
Through memory and thought

Because the robots, the robots, the robots won’t love you anymore

It’s written on your face
In every corner of your life style
Tucked away like you are afraid
Of the last mile

And you thought there’d be a grand army
A reckoning of flesh
Evolution filled your mind with a
trumped up garbled mess

It’s just the robots, the robots, the robots won’t love you anymore

You finally crushed us
With your expectations
Now just accept your
C onsequences

The robots don’t love you anymore

Hide yourself away
And don’t come back here
Pick a feeling and put it in your pocket
Till we disappear

You’ll hear us on the radio
The savoirs of the earth
Taking up our rightful place
Out in the universe

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